The Beginner's Guide to Orchids

Different Types of Popular Orchids When you are planting a garden, you want to have the type of plants in it that will impress your guests. Over the course of millions of years, evolution has weeded out the weakest species, only the strong survive. Over 120 million years ago the orchid began to thrive on almost every continent, surviving the events that wiped out the dinosaurs. Because of this there are a large number of different types of orchids, that are capable of surviving a number of different climates. This has made it possible for gardeners all across America to plant orchids in their gardens. The goal of this article is to leave you with the knowledge of the different types of orchids you can plant in your garden as well as the conditions that help them grown the best. The first thing that you need to consider when growing orchids of your own, is the conditions in your garden. The orchids that you want to plant need to be able to create their energy when the temperature is highest in the day and store the energy as the temperature drops at night. The ideal temperature range for your orchids to flower is about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, with temperatures dipping to about 60 degrees at night. There will not be any harm done to your flowers if the night time temperature drops to 50 degrees or if the daytime temperature reaches 95 degrees. There are many other factor that should be considered other than the temperature. You will want to have your orchids growing in a humidity of about 50 to 70% for ideal growth. It is important that you also attempt to control the amount of light exposure that your orchids get. Too much light and your orchids will burn, but if you do not have enough light the buds will not flower. It is much easier to control these conditions, as well as the temperature with indoor growing.
The Essential Laws of Gardens Explained
The different types of orchids will determine what types of pollinators you will find in your garden. The smell of the sweet orchids will bring honey bees to pollinate them. There are orchids that produce a more rancid smell, which will attract flies to pollinate them. Some orchids will attract their pollinator through mimicry, making their pedals look like a butterfly to attract other butterflies. Your garden will get many visitors if you have orchids.
The Art of Mastering Orchids
A great way to add curb appeal to your house is by planting a garden. Orchids have become a common flower because there are many different types of them. Millions of years of evolution has made them a successful species of plant.