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E-Liquid: What is that Stuff They Put in Electronic Cigarettes? E-liquid is one of many elements of the new e-cigarette revolution and most who are new to what some call "vapor culture" are not quite familiar with the term. E-liquid, as you can probably tell, is a liquid that can be purchased and used to refill empty e-cigarette cartridges or atomizers. This simple definition of e-liquid doesn't cover the fluid in its entirety since there are many aspects that make e-liquids different from each other, which make an impact on the experience of e-smoking. Most think the e-smoking experience is based on the actual e-cigarette device; however, the liquid has far more to do with it. Here I will give a brief overview of what you might need to know when it comes to e-liquid, its involvement in e-smoking, and safety. Basically, the ingredients for e-liquid are some flavorings, both natural and artificial, a specific percentage amount of nicotine unless you choose to use a nicotine-free version of the e-liquid, and the last ingredient is a special liquid that reacts to heat and vaporizes. E-liquid is made up of three primary ingredients, which include a base liquid that works with the battery and vaporizes when heated; nicotine, which is added at various strengths; and flavoring, which are natural and artificial. The majority of an e-liquid's blend is the carrier fluid, or the base, and it is made of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Pre-filled cartridges are what most beginning e-smokers choose to use since they are convenient and disposable. After a period of using these disposable cartridges, most e-smokers learn about e-liquid that is bottled and available for sale so they can use it for refillable e-cigarette devices like eGo setups, which saves them money. Here is a comparison: prefilled cartridges hold only about 1ml of e-liquid and are priced at about three dollars per cartridge while e-liquid that comes in a bottle costs under one dollar per 1ml.
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E-liquid is a product that is pretty simple; however, there is a lot of variety out there since the three ingredients can be manipulated in several ways and make for a lot of different flavors, produce various amounts of vapor when puffed on, and affect the throat hit of the vapor.
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Since they are convinced that e-liquid vapor is safer than burning tobacco smoke, several individuals make a transition from smoking cigarettes to e-smoking e-cigarettes. One reason there is uncertainty is the flavorings, which haven't been tested much when vaporized. For example, a few years back a study was done and they discovered traces of diacetyl in e-liquid. Approved as a safe substance, diacetyl is the same stuff used to flavor buttered popcorn. However, some research indicates that it can do damage on the lungs. E-liquid manufacturers are cautious when making their liquids and make efforts to prevent diacetyl from entering the mix. Some e-liquids have extracts from tobacco that are so thick that it tastes like an ashtray. Such a thick extract can make the e-liquid rather complex. However, it is still not proven that these extracts are necessarily harmful for use. The information above is available to help you understand e-liquids and the safety issues so you can make an informed decision if you're thinking about trying them.