Make It Simple! Three Major Tips on Japanese Interior Design and Home Decor

A lot of us encounter much difficulty when deciding how to decorate the home. This is especially true for those who do not have any kind of formal training in interior design. But then, an even bigger challenge lies on deciding when to stop - when enough is enough. Succinctly, it is hard to strike the middle ground.

The solution to this dilemma of creating an atmosphere of moderate elegance is solved by what might as well be the oldest proponents of interior design: The Japanese. Japanese interior decor combines simple lines into breathtaking masterpieces, and this article will talk about some ways to integrate this concept into your own home.

Putting goza mats on otherwise boring tables is a good way to give furniture a new breath of life. It will be quite surprising to realize that what one has grown too accustomed to, has suddenly turned into something totally different. With the addition of mats as covers and possible a piece or two of clay pottery, a simple yet divine look can be achieved.

A sizeable Japanese room divider can elegantly separate quarters in a studio apartment. Aside from having furniture that helps part areas in the house, it also serves a beautiful accent that adds warmth to the home.

Oriental lanterns can serve both as an actual light source and also as an ornament for rooms in the house. These lanterns usually emit warm, yellow light, which produces a more relaxing feel of the surroundings, compared to harsh and bland fluorescent lighting.

Bamboo rugs that will welcome people into the house are not just a sight to behold, but also eliminate the need for fabric foot rugs which gets dirty too easily and are very difficult to launder. Furthermore, it also creates an air of closeness to nature - something that every homeowner wants, since a natural-looking home is a comfortable home.

There are hundreds of different ideas on how to spice up a home with the use of Japanese decor pieces. This is just a short list of what one can do. Hence, it is best to read more on the variety of options that Japan has to offer, to make your home even better than what is now.