I Am An Interior Designer And These Are The Simple Secrets We Charge Thousands of Dollars For

Top designing tips to help you design your project.

So, you've decided to go at your project alone, or as the do-it-yourselfer. Good for you! Here are some great design tips to assist you on your journey.

*What is the room used for? Keep in mind the purpose of each room in your house that you will be designing. The use of that room will help you decide how better to decorate or to choose a style or theme.

*Create a perfect theme! Decide on the type of style, theme or colors you will be using for your room. Of the most important decision for your room will be to choose a theme with which to decorate. This will keep you in line while you are shopping for furniture, accents and decorative materials.

*Personality, personality, personality! I had to stress that one. You and your family have your own unique personalities and your personalities should always be used for comfort, creative identity and warmth. Depending on which room you will be designing you'll have to address who will be using the room the most such as; if this is a family room and you are NASCAR fans, then use a NASCAR design.

*Stay organized! Once you have decided to put the work into your home on your own stay as organized as possible with checklists of materials needed and prices for each product.

*Stay on task! I've done this myself while decorating a room I see an item that I absolutely love and I purchase it. Yet, when I go home with the object I realize it is completely out of range with my style or design for that room. And when you're on a design budget that will only stall your design process.

*Keep it comfortable! Arrange your furnishings to fit the room's design. This may not seem like a big deal but professional designers acknowledge that every piece of furniture should be arranged to keep in respect of your design, "everything has a place." Arranging your furniture around your design this will add that final touch of style, to create the mood and enticement of each room.

*Be original! Although use design ideas that you have found on the net, hardware stores or from a professional designer don't imitate that design exactly. Add a twist of your own style and energy, to make the room original and unique. Remember if you have seen it somewhere your guests may have as well and although we all don't mind stating, "I was inspired by an idea I saw at... ," we usually hate to hear, "I saw that exact design at... "

*Accents are your friends! When completing a design accents can add a luster to the room when complemented by the design, such as; vases, floor lamps, wall hangings, draperies, oil paintings, etc.

*Have fun! Keep your creative juices flowing by making it a fun project instead of a dreaded job. While having fun you'll be inspired and therefore have a more luxurious room.

Whichever design you choose and how you arrange your furniture being organized and staying on task is your best bet to make certain the final product is exactly, if not better, then you had originally anticipated. Now get out there, have fun and give your relax time the splendor and respect it deserves.