Casual Interior Design and Venetian Blinds

Rest Your Eyes and Mind with Casual Style Venetian Blinds

Casual interior design presents a fine opportunity to make your home a very comfortable, cosy and welcoming place, filled with joy and happy memories, where you can spend quality time with you family and friends, relax after a long and hard day and leave all your problems and worries behind. In order to be able to rest whenever you need or boost your energy with as much natural light as possible, you will need a special kind of window treatment which allows optimal light and privacy control. This is the place where Venetian window blinds step in.

Not only can they live up to any expectation in terms of light and privacy protection but they are also easily incorporated into casual interior design. This especially applies for wood blinds although artaficial wood ones may also provide a more economical substitution. Wood being the natural element brings about a kind of heart-warming and rustic quality which goes well with the principles of this type of decorating style.

The Calming Principle of Natural Elements and Neutral Colors

Since it is the material mostly used in people's homes, depending on the color, wood blinds can nicely match your hard wood floor or furniture in case your floor is tiled or stone. As they come in variety of shades, from very light to dark ones, the number of potential combinations is relatively high. Wood Venetian blinds can be paired with either a colorful curtain (avoid geometrical shapes) or a single colored one in a refreshing, neutral color. Valances are also very effective especially when they are attached to an extraordinary looking rods or drapery hardware.

The rest of your casual interior design should not be limiting or traditional in any way. Strict and symmetrical lines are reserved for other types of decorating styles and they are not welcome here. The accent is on soft, round or rectangle surfaces, upholstered, oversized furniture, natural elements like wood or wrought iron, antique or vintage details tastefully arranged on your wood or wrought iron bookshelves. If your furniture is closer to traditional style than casual, you can add some decorative pillows, place a slipcover (cotton or linen) over to soften the edges and make it look more comfortable and relaxing.

As for the colours, neutral tones like tan, soft beige, grey, off-white, or pastel colours provide the basis for the upcoming decorating combination. Avoid dark colours however, for the goal is to open up the space and make it look larger, and dark colors can have an oppressing effect so use them carefully and only for decoration elements. Darker shades, olive green, navy, burgundy or cranberry red for example, should be used selectively and only as details. Details in contrasting colors are immediately observed so pick only the most effective and eye pleasing strong colored ones and place them in strategic places (that is, the parts of your home you to which want to draw attention). Framed pictures on your wall or paintings depicting wonderful scenery are a valuable addition to your walls as well as the bookshelves and mirrors with wrought iron or wood rims.

To sum up, living in a stressful environment can take its toll after a while, and the beauty of casual decorating style is that it offers a lot of matching possibilities for creating a safe and relaxing atmosphere in your home. The role of window blinds in maintaining the calming effect and increasing the decorative value of your interior is not to be overlooked, so it is safe to say that Venetian blinds in a casually decorated home are a highly appreciated window dressing.