Building Design and Decor Into Any Room

Have you ever walked into your house, looked around and thought about knocking down every framed painting on the wall, pulling down the drapes, peeling off the table covers and kicking those pillows off the couch, simply because you just had a vision of what that room really needs to look like? You probably just returned from visiting a friend or from your doctor's office where you sat in the welcoming lounge that had such tantalizing taste in color and floral arrangement perfection, so unique and warmly comforting, you did not want to get up and leave! Driving home, you conjured up these different settings in your mind and thought out your action plan. The color would have to be a bold red with chocolate trim and accompanying accents and you would be taking down those five year old beige and gold drapes that were so 1990's! The old framed art work on the living room wall would be replaced with something more abstract and modern.

Well then, do not just keep dreaming, dreamer! Take action and plunge head on into an exciting room makeover. Decor and Design are products of artist's dreams and visions. They develop in like fashion, as would an expensive oil painting on canvas after the inspiration of that artist and meticulous brush stroke after stroke, painfully skilled mixing of colors on a palette and imagination gone wild to produce proof of the dream. The final decor of the room you wish to transform is also that vivid vision you had when you walked into the room.

If you are going for a warm look choose fabric and accents with warm colors like red, red-orange, red-violet, orange, yellow-orange and yellow. These are colors we use in fall and winter too. Cool colors, generally associated with spring-time and summer would belong to the blue group and include blue-green, blue-violet, green, yellow-green, and violet. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you adhere to these color schemes. Do what you think brings out the beauty of your own house. Do it in your very own style! You can find any line of furnishings and decorations in colors of your choice in department stores ranging from high priced fancy ones to ones that boast name brand products at low prices. You could probably also find products of a particular color in one store and matching accessories in the exact same shade in yet another store. With a bit of patience and browsing time, one could find an entire custom made decor line to furnish a room while saving as you compare prices!

Whether you wait for spring to have your fling or would like to do the 'polar plunge' into decor and design make over, use your creative instincts and enjoy yourself rearranging furniture and planning out your design and decor. Make that room your very own signature collection show room! And if you come up with new ideas of your own, pass them on please!!